April this year has blessed the music realm with exciting new releases of which we have compiled a few of the MNGR teams favorites on ou...

Songs of the Month - April

April this year has blessed the music realm with exciting new releases of which we have compiled a few of the MNGR teams favorites on our Spotify.

Perfect - Anne Marie
The anthem is a particularly LGBTQ uplifting tune that shed's light on Anne Marie's own bisexual orientation. The soulful track is very much in tune with the overall sentiments of acceptance and positivity in todays cultural climate.

Brooklyn in the Summer - Aloe Blacc
Recommended by Holly Loweth

lovely (with Khalid) - Billie Eilish
The peaceful and delicate piano ballad between these two vulnerable singers delivers a poignant view of being in a state of melancholy and releasing all the feelings of sorrow. Being the first single from Eilish's upcoming debut album, we hope to expect more eye opening and thought evoking topics.

Softens - Wet
Recommended by Alex Pedrasik

I Can't Stand It- Blossoms
The resurgence of 80's synth is all to real in Blossoms new release 'I Can't Stand It'. Being the hit single from their sophomore album, Cool Like You, Blossoms started writing their materials 8 months before their single hit the charts. Looking to maintain longevity in their careers, most of the tracks on their newest album could have been released as singles. 

Roll (Burbank Funk) - The Internet
Recommended by Annika Singh

Saturdays - Twin Shadow, HAIM

Described as a slick and heartfelt, 'Saturdays' manages to capture the pasé elements that were once all too prominent in the feel good tunes of the 90's. Most definitely worth queuing in your weekend playlist for a feel-good anthem.

For the Record- Dutch Criminal Record

Recommended by Louis Andersen-Risager

Me & You - HONNE, Tom Misch
Snagging a spot yet again atop our favorite tracks of the month, 'Me & You' is the funk of the future needed in this day and age. Similar to other soulful artists such as Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, HONNE and Tom Misch manage to find the balance of synth, smooth guitar riffs, and enough funk to make Earth, Wind and Fire happy.

Towing the Line - Ben Howard
Recommended by Hannah Williams

Darlin' - Tobi Lou
With jazzy undertones, the song is a great compilation of different and contrasting styles. Tobi's beats and rapping are greatly complimented by the laid back tempo of the guitar and piano in the background.

hard rain - Lykke Li
Recommended by Ethan Bello

Dead and Gone - State Champs
Recommended by Tom Walker, this track is a blast from the past, bringing back the raging sound of early 2000's pop punk. Don't let people tell you the genre is dead, as State Champs prove the sound is still live and well.