During an International Conference of working woman in Copenhagen 1910, the leader of the woman's office suggested an 'Internation...

International Women's Day 2018

During an International Conference of working woman in Copenhagen 1910, the leader of the woman's office suggested an 'International Woman's Day'. Since then, every year we celebrate woman all over the world. We at The MNGR thought we’d share with you some superstar UWL women from past and present.

Amber Tambourine

Amber’s adamant and outspoken nature carry through to her powerful music. Her strong and confident performances clearly reflect who she is as an individual and as an artist. Her sound blends slick Neo-Soul keys with heavy dub bass lines and clean Hip Hop beats, occasionally depicting Reggae rhythms whilst steeped in her emotive, soulful vocals and gripping spoken word. In addition to her artistry, Amber stands as president of Blast Radio, doing a phenomenal job of running the station, helping them win a UWLSU Society Award and letting student’s voices be heard.
Amber is currently working on her first EP, 'An Energy Unlost,' due to be released at the beginning of the summer.

Francesca Louise

Francesca Louise is a London based 23 year old singer-songwriter from the North West. Francesca’s soulful voice, backed by emotive melodies can be heard on her recently released EP, available on all major platforms. Her music is comforting to the soul and mind, her lyrics tell beautiful and romantic stories. Francesca recently graduated LCM with a first class degree and has since released her first EP and is now working on her next single. She will soon be performing at the O2 Academy Islington as part of Soundwave Music Competition.


Bristol-born Rhiane Hacker studies music management at UWL but also performs under the moniker of Zayna. She is self-managed and takes inspiration from artists such as Lorde, Halsey and Flume. Rhiane is also a photographer and runs management and media company, Process Pod. Zayna recently released ethereal new single ‘Alive’, you can find it on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Rita Horta is a Portuguese singer-songwriter who graduated UWL in 2017. Growing up in Portugal, Rita was influenced by soul music and R&B, her music is classified as 'Alternative R&B Soul'. She is well-versed in the London gig circuit and in September 2017 released her debut EP, Agua. The EP is filled with mellow songs that belong on a Spotify Chill playlist.

Amisha Karsan

Amisha is a third year at LCM and is well known for her incredible and unique skills as a Sitar player. She has been featured on BBC Radio London as well as BBC Asian Network. She plays with the Grand Union Orchestra, the UK's most successful and diverse world/jazz orchestra, with musicians and instruments from virtually every part of the world.


Alyssa Harrigan

Alyssa is a successful Jazz vocalist raised in the British Virgin Islands. Since moving to London, she has developed her skills as an independent artist by studying performance and management. In 2017, she released her single ‘It’s You’, produced by Ishy Dee and continues to wow audiences across London with her elegant stage presence. You can catch Alyssa on 12th April at Eddie’s House Live at Cargo, Shoreditch or on 1st May at The Lighthouse Bar and Club in Shoreditch for her performance showcase.


Faber, previously known as Hannah Marie is a fierce female presence and another recent UWL graduate. Her debut EP ‘I AM…’ spreads strong messages of female empowerment through energetic rock songs and delicate spoken word. The EP also features a cover of Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’, which Hannah truly makes her own. She will be performing on March 16th at the Spice of Live, Soho.


Happy International Woman's Day, from the MNGR Team!

Written by Helena Bodman