“Really, a surf/slacker-pop band from Joplin, Missouri?” you ask. “Yes, why not!” I answer. The trio, led by frontman and guitarist Wil...

One Not to Miss - Tennis Club

“Really, a surf/slacker-pop band from Joplin, Missouri?” you ask. “Yes, why not!” I answer.
The trio, led by frontman and guitarist Wilson Hernandez, bassist Justin Akin and drummer Sean O’Dell, might be situated several hundred miles away from a beach, but they certainly do not fail to incorporate the relaxed ambience you would expect from a SoCal inspired band.

As an emblematic garage band, Tennis Club is overflowing with youthful energy with a great abundance of the warm fuzzy aura we all crave. With the release of their self-titled debut album in September 2017, they have made a notable attempt at breaking into the surf/rock scene.

Between the gnarled lines of FIDLAR and Wavves, Tennis Club brings some nostalgic goodness back on the table. However, regardless of any comparison you may lay upon them, the guys from Tennis Club have definitely established their own extraordinary sound by mixing in the charmingly, messy rock from the 50s with a delightful lo-fi haze.

Starting off the nearly 17 minutes-long record with ‘Lovely Haircut’, it shows exactly the bearing of their slacker-pop atmosphere. They might have kept this one short and precise, but you can’t miss the buoyant lo-fi sweetness, just merged in the right way with the subdued and dreamy vocals from Wilson Hernandez over the noisy feedback. With nonchalant lyrics from your typical time in high school (Smoking cigarettes just to turn you off / but you don’t really give a shit), ‘House Show’ really shows off the band’s fuzzy, sad boy image that’s coming across throughout all eight songs.

Their upheld image of a slacker band clearly shines through in the music video for ‘Birthday’. The use of videos from over 2 decades ago really does suit the dusty guitars and sugary vocals infused with the vibrant, static instrumentals. The infectious love song ‘Birthday’ oozes of pure energy and will surely make you jostle your whole body. It might even make your grandma do a lil dance.

The whole album is short and sweet with a nifty blend of tasteful sunshiny melodies and distorted lo-fi. It’s a wholesome product for those 11pm hang out starts with your group, bevs in your hand and video games in the background. Tennis Club are out there to keep the complicated declarations to a minimum and the fuzzy noise and ambience to a maximum.

Their self-titled album is out as a free download from Bandcamp and available to stream on Spotify right here:

Written by Annika Singh