Originally from Hamburg, but now  London based ,  artist Anin Rose’ s new EP ‘Need You’ is one that’s going to stay in your head for a...

​Anin Rose - ‘Need You’ EP Review

Originally from Hamburg, but now London based, artist Anin Rose’s new EP ‘Need You’ is one that’s going to stay in your head for a while. The easy flowing melody, gospel and pop mixture combined with mellow vocal tones are certain contributors to this songs future success. 

On first listen, the introduction sets a smooth yet haunting scene most likely influenced by Anin Rose’s extensive background in playing the piano and being involved in choirs. Building up in the first verse, the attention is brought to Anin Rose’s strong vocal ability despite being a pop song, this being something that is often difficult to display. The soothing yet edgy vocals give a ‘HAIM’ like feel to the overall production which is a sound that is intriguing to the vast majority of listeners. 
‘Need You’ narrates the story of a repetitive cycle of wanting somebody, but knowing they aren’t necessarily the best option. ‘You fall in and out of love when you are all I’m thinking of’ is the pre-chorus line used to build up her frustration, expressing the constant battle between her on and off relationship. The ticking clock sound effect alongside the lyrics ‘I just want to keep a beating heart’ emphasises the fact that she is waiting for something to end this chasing circuit, will she find a way? It’s a cliff hanger that will hopefully be answered in future music. 

Anin Rose’s first EP ‘The Ones Beside Me’ kick started her musical journey in 2015 and whose sound has been in construction ever since. Need You is just the beginning for Anin Rose, she has proved with this EP that her music could take a variety of different routes. Whether her next release will be jazz, gospel or even indie pop influenced, it’s guaranteed her musical flare is capable of adapting to a new mold.

By Holly Clifford