So for those who don't know you, tell us a bit about yourself and your music. “My name is HUNTAR. I am an R&B/Pop artist. I...

A Chat with: HUNTAR

So for those who don't know you, tell us a bit about yourself and your music.
“My name is HUNTAR. I am an R&B/Pop artist. I started off about 2 years ago, playing a lot of shows throughout 2016, supporting The Hunna, Coasts, and Fickle Friends. In 2017 we are going to take over the world!”

Where did the name HUNTAR come from?
“The movie The Deer Hunter. I thought it was pretty cool, so I changed the ‘E’ to an ‘A’ and I was the first thing to come up on google. So that's how that happened”

So how did you get into performing and the music business?
“I started off playing acoustic music in pubs, and then from the acoustic music I started playing small gigs. Then from the gigs, I put on shows, and then I started selling out shows and a record label came along and was like “this is quite good isn't it” and signed me. Now I have started doing it all over again, but now I'm making music that I have always wanted to make. I think playing shows is the most important thing about music because that's how you get your stuff out there and get to know if its good or not.”

How would you describe your music in 4 words?
“Epic, R&B, Sexy, Pop”

So who do you take inspiration from when writing a track?
“Prince and Drake, which is a bit of a strange combination. I love Drake so music for this lyrics because he doesn't care about what anybody thinks, he can be soppy or he can be a gangster, he literally doesn't give a fuck about what people say and I love that.”

So you have been on the road throughout 2016...
“Yeah we were saying this the other day, I haven't slept in my own bed for a while, and I've been on three different continents as well, it's been quite fun.”

What's been your highlight since being on the road?
“I think probably headlining a show in New York. Headlining Camden Assembly was also amazing. Things just keep getting better and better.”

The shows are getting bigger, the fanbase is growing. You have quite a strong fanbase, especially on Twitter.
“Yeah it's amazing, I get given things like this bracelet and like a massive portfolio thing of Prince, like lyric book and photos from his 21 days on tour. Those moments are really surreal. It's always really surreal when people sing your own songs back to you especially when you are supporting people, this being really cool.”

Your songs SK1N and 4 am are fan favourites. What's your most favourite song you have written?
“Blindspot. Blindspot is my fave, but I have a song called Echo that is also one of my favourites. The live version of Blindspot is mental.”

So you have a load of singles, a couple of EP’s; where is the album?
“It's coming, 2017 it's coming. The albums ready, I am just waiting for the right time. We want to spend 2017 playing as many shows as possible to build the fan base, releasing more singles, then hopefully the album will come out when it's right.”

So do you have any advice for young, aspiring musicians?
“Play shows and write songs. People think there is some shortcut, there is absolutely no shortcut, you gotta go out there and play your songs to people in rooms and you will win.”

Where can we catch you next?
“My headline UK tour in May!”


Written by Lily Moon