The final act of the launch event was the unmissable Ishy Dee and band. Ishmael Dzitiro, commonly known as ‘Ishy Dee’ lead singer and fu...

The MNGR SILO Launch event presents: Ishy Dee

The final act of the launch event was the unmissable Ishy Dee and band. Ishmael Dzitiro, commonly known as ‘Ishy Dee’ lead singer and full of character front man, Hugo Lagnado on Guitar, Jerome Johnson on Drums, Luke St. John on Bass and Synth and Dave Thomas on Keys. All of these headlining members attend LCM. Ishy’s Band all coordinate their outfits, to bring a certain look and style to the stage, the consistency in outfits benefits the overall style of the show.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Ishy Dee moved to England when he was 12 years old where his passion for music developed. He describes the industry as something that was ‘destined’ for him. With a variety of influences, the genre of music Ishy plays is vast, which benefits him as an artist as he is also a producer. A believer ‘PVO’, Positive Vibes Only, Ishy brings an all-star charm to his music, in keeping with an attitude that would benefit the whole music industry. Similar to artists such as Chance the Rapper, Ishy takes inspiration from church and gospel music but with a trap element to some songs.

Ishy Dee portrays quite the character on stage, with an elusive glance, this intriguing musician will have you curious as to what music he creates. With his fellow performers creating an unmissable performance, as a whole the atmosphere in the grange was… well… Vibey.

The first song ‘Best Friend’ relates to anyone who has ever been placed in the ‘friend zone’. A song with an ambient guitar melody long and falsetto part, each of which are complemented by the synth/keys/drum sound in harmony. The perfect mellow opener to the performance, Ishy states he is there to rescue everyone in the ‘friend zone’ with this song. Next up was ‘Chipo’, which means gift in his language from Zimbabwe. Bringing it back to his roots, this track has melodies which encompass world music. An extremely catchy chorus melody, this song is a song you will have stuck in your head for days! With gaining audience interaction and call and response, this track livened the audience. Described as ‘Spiritual’ by Ishy, It was clear he was happy with the crowds reaction. An exceptional aspect of Ishy’s music, was that there was never silence. When Ishy was talking in between songs, the boys created a mellow vibe to keep the audience interested in the set.

The next two songs, had more of an emotive touch and were named ‘FLY’ and ‘I Hate That I Love You’ (IHTILY). The piano in the track Fly really stood out, and gave the piece a heartwarming feel. Whereas IHTILY, utilised a guitar technique Palm Muting, along with a heavier drum sound and strong synth. This helped to differentiate between the similar love songs.

The final song, Day X Night was were Ishy ‘Picked it Up’, getting the crowd to jump and get involved. With the crowd singing back Ishy’s songs, the act on a whole was a great way to get audience interaction. Our newest recruit Sophie, was at the front of the audience and was asked by Ishy ‘Should I pick it up’, to which of course she agreed. With an encore, Ishy brought on stage fellow peers Nathan and Taz, which turned into a jam session that the crowd truly embraced. An exceptional end to an exceptional night.

Being the last post of the MNGR launch event, personally I would like to emphasise how much effort the artists, MNGR team, sound technicians, videographer, photographers and the grange put into making this event happen. We are so thankful for the support of UWL students and hope to see you at future events soon.

Ishy Dee Snapchat: ishaaayyy

By Hannah Jane Williams