The second act to grace the stage at the MNGR’S March 13 th launch event was the six-man indie band, Bedroom Boredom. The band consists o...

The MNGR SILO Launch event presents, Bedroom Boredom

The second act to grace the stage at the MNGR’S March 13th launch event was the six-man indie band, Bedroom Boredom. The band consists of Dan Rimmer, lead singer and guitarist, Max Sheldrake on the bass, drummer Mark Harris and saxophonist Luke Phillips, along with Jack Collins and Ben Hillier, both guitarists and students at UWL.

Contrary to their name, their music evoked anything but boredom as they started the night off with Lemon, a song that adopts an upbeat tempo with lyrics that juxtapose the easy-going tune by maintaining underlying feelings of insecurity and doubt. The crowd nevertheless persisted to display enthusiasm for the band by jumping up and down and swaying to the group’s rhythmic feel that retained slight nuances and flagrances of bands preceding them, such as The Police and The Kooks. Particularly in their song Sex Hair did the percussion seem reminiscent of Stewart Copeland’s drum rendition in the Police’s song Message in a Bottle. To Mark Harris’s credit, he did possess an originality to his beats that made it distinctively his own with attitude and flavour that added to the band’s flame.

Bedroom/Boredom played with gusto up on stage, exuding vivacious energy and vibes that transferred themselves onto the audience. At times, it was easy to see that they had transported themselves out of the 60-people max capacity room of Ealing’s pub, The Grange, and forgotten their venue was predominantly made of wood, which in turn altered their acoustics by some degree. As they are a relatively new band, they are still getting the hang of playing in different venues and adjusting accordingly.
As the night progressed, the band proceeded to play Ghost, 9:8, Plastic, Where’s Kelly, Shuteye, and ending with a popular crowd favourite, Pill. The intro to 9:8 was indeed intense, and brooding, and drawn-out, a development that resulted in growing anticipation and positive tension amongst the audience. As they impatiently yet excitedly waited for Rimmer to belt out his raspy vocals, the wait was worth it when the band delivered a strong and punchy tune that drove the crowd into a frenzy of exhilaration.
One dilemma Bedroom/Boredom faced that evening, however, was the demise of Dan’s guitar. As the bridge of Rimmer’s instrument had been damaged, with a grin on his face, he asked to use the guitar belonging to a member of the third act, Hugo Lagnado. Gallantly and with caution, Hugo gave his instrument to the lead singer, and, as they say in theatre, the show must go on.

Ending on a high note, the band fulfilled what they had promised to deliver: entertainment, quality music, and a night to remember (as evidence of having attend our Silo: Launch Event, many have commemorated the evening by placing Bedroom/Boredom stickers on the back of their phones). There is no doubt that with time and refinement, Bedroom/Boredom are on their way to storm the U.K. music industry with their fresh indie tunes and loyal fan following, and we look forward to seeing them progress in their new endeavors.

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By Devon J Potter