During an International Conference of working woman in Copenhagen 1910, the leader of the woman's office suggested an 'Internation...

During an International Conference of working woman in Copenhagen 1910, the leader of the woman's office suggested an 'International Woman's Day'. Since then, every year we celebrate woman all over the world. We at The MNGR thought we’d share with you some superstar UWL women from past and present.

Amber Tambourine

Amber’s adamant and outspoken nature carry through to her powerful music. Her strong and confident performances clearly reflect who she is as an individual and as an artist. Her sound blends slick Neo-Soul keys with heavy dub bass lines and clean Hip Hop beats, occasionally depicting Reggae rhythms whilst steeped in her emotive, soulful vocals and gripping spoken word. In addition to her artistry, Amber stands as president of Blast Radio, doing a phenomenal job of running the station, helping them win a UWLSU Society Award and letting student’s voices be heard.
Amber is currently working on her first EP, 'An Energy Unlost,' due to be released at the beginning of the summer.

Francesca Louise

Francesca Louise is a London based 23 year old singer-songwriter from the North West. Francesca’s soulful voice, backed by emotive melodies can be heard on her recently released EP, available on all major platforms. Her music is comforting to the soul and mind, her lyrics tell beautiful and romantic stories. Francesca recently graduated LCM with a first class degree and has since released her first EP and is now working on her next single. She will soon be performing at the O2 Academy Islington as part of Soundwave Music Competition.


Bristol-born Rhiane Hacker studies music management at UWL but also performs under the moniker of Zayna. She is self-managed and takes inspiration from artists such as Lorde, Halsey and Flume. Rhiane is also a photographer and runs management and media company, Process Pod. Zayna recently released ethereal new single ‘Alive’, you can find it on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Rita Horta is a Portuguese singer-songwriter who graduated UWL in 2017. Growing up in Portugal, Rita was influenced by soul music and R&B, her music is classified as 'Alternative R&B Soul'. She is well-versed in the London gig circuit and in September 2017 released her debut EP, Agua. The EP is filled with mellow songs that belong on a Spotify Chill playlist.

Amisha Karsan

Amisha is a third year at LCM and is well known for her incredible and unique skills as a Sitar player. She has been featured on BBC Radio London as well as BBC Asian Network. She plays with the Grand Union Orchestra, the UK's most successful and diverse world/jazz orchestra, with musicians and instruments from virtually every part of the world.


Alyssa Harrigan

Alyssa is a successful Jazz vocalist raised in the British Virgin Islands. Since moving to London, she has developed her skills as an independent artist by studying performance and management. In 2017, she released her single ‘It’s You’, produced by Ishy Dee and continues to wow audiences across London with her elegant stage presence. You can catch Alyssa on 12th April at Eddie’s House Live at Cargo, Shoreditch or on 1st May at The Lighthouse Bar and Club in Shoreditch for her performance showcase.


Faber, previously known as Hannah Marie is a fierce female presence and another recent UWL graduate. Her debut EP ‘I AM…’ spreads strong messages of female empowerment through energetic rock songs and delicate spoken word. The EP also features a cover of Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’, which Hannah truly makes her own. She will be performing on March 16th at the Spice of Live, Soho.


Happy International Woman's Day, from the MNGR Team!

Written by Helena Bodman

Here are some of The MNGR's favourite songs released in February, check out our spotify below for the full playlist.  K halid, Sw...

Here are some of The MNGR's favourite songs released in February, check out our spotify below for the full playlist. 

Khalid, Swae Lee - The Ways
This song by 20 year old Khalid and one half of Rae Sremmurd is featured on the highly acclaimed soundtrack to box office smash, Black Panther. Curated by Kendrick Lamar, Black Panther The Album has received wide praise across the board.

Wolf Culture - Wreck
Nominated by Vice Events Manager, Tom Walker

Frank Ocean - Moon River
The song made famous by Audrey Hepburn’s performance in 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and covered numerous times since took on a new voice when Frank Ocean surprised us by dropping his cover of the age-old hit.

Stereo Express - Kadanza
Nominated by HR Manager, Joe Castle

Tom Rosenthal - Don’t Die Curious
Well known as the soundtrack to all your favourite YouTube videos, Tom Rosenthal has a song that is perfectly emotive for any situation. Don’t Die Curious is a cheerful track that you can easily imagine in a feel-good film and will surely hear in the background of a Vlog.

Post Malone (Ft. Ty Dolla Sign) - Psycho
Nominated by Vice President, Louis Andersen-Risager

Jorja Smith - I Am
The Brits Critics Choice Award winner Jorja Smith featured of Drake’s More Life album and has now been picked for Kendrick’s Black Panther soundtrack with the song I Am.

The Vegan Leather - I Take America
Nominated by Vice Editor, Devon Potter

Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel
Released alongside a video directed by Solange Knowles’ Husband Alan Ferguson and starring Dear White People’s Tessa Thompson,  Make Me Feel provides a funky and Prince-esque sound that is juxtaposed by Django Jane, the second single released simultaneously, this having a heavier hip-hop tone.

Huntar - Beautiful
Nominated by Joana Pereira Carvalho

Car Seat Headrest - Bodys
The introduction to Bodys suggests that we are in for a techno-centric song from the Virginian rockers. As the song progresses, however, we are introduced to an enjoyable rock tune that has the goods to please your resident indie-loving friend.

Noah Cyrus, MØ - We are
Nominated by Events Manager Holly Loweth

James Bay - Wild Love
Three years after his debut album reached success, James Bay is back with Wild Love. The song begins with the guitar sound we are used to but continues with the introduction of a synth sound more reminiscent of Bon Iver’s latest offerings.

Four piece band Denio are back with their new single ‘Born Again’.  Over the past couple of months, Denio have been hard at work and hav...

Four piece band Denio are back with their new single ‘Born Again’. 
Over the past couple of months, Denio have been hard at work and have taken some time out to write and record some new material. The band have received incredibly large support from BBC Introducing Merseyside, BBC Lancashire, Amazing Radio, and have also flourished even further by being featured on Spotify's very own Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist. 

The listener is first introduced to a sweet resonance of guitar played by lead guitarist, Andres Hernandez, and soon after enters the melodious drums played by Bill Caple. Vocals by Mike Davis commence and shortly after, Daniel Hernandez (who is also a third-year music student at the University of West London) swoops in on the keys. The song has such ebullience and passion that draws the listener in at each verse.

The single takes us through the positivity and bliss of new relationships, in opposition to the bands previous singles, 'Models', 'Cait' and 'Golden'. The positivity advances and sustains in every note and lyric throughout the single, that leaves the listener with a feel-good inclination, which is what new relationships are all about. The tempo of the song elevates further when it hits the chorus, and the listener is instantly put into a euphoric trance that seems everlasting with every beat. 

The single was recorded late December at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool, and the band once again worked alongside producer Robert Whiteley, who has also worked with The Night Cafė and The Wombats. The indie Merseysiders have many influences for their sound, and it is clearly resonated in their music.

DENIO definitely have passion and a great vibrancy that set them apart from existing indie bands in the industry today. They are fortunate to have such an astounding backing and deserve all the praise they get. This single surely proves this and is a solid production from the rockers.

'Born Again' will be released on February 26th, and DENIO will also be supporting Sheffield band, SHEAFS on March 9th at EBGB’S Liverpool, which is sure to be an incredible night. To support the band, follow them on the following social media, and be sure to check out the new single.

Facebook: Denio

Instagram: @denioband

Written by Janeeta Matharu

A well known fact pertaining to all facets concerning life is the cyclical nature of our world. Fashion trends, politics, food fads, lite...

A well known fact pertaining to all facets concerning life is the cyclical nature of our world. Fashion trends, politics, food fads, literature, movies. Music is no different to this. Thus, we are seeing the re-emergence of certain characteristics of songs from previous decades. One notable decade that has made a return in full swing is the 80’s. The new wave rock and dance tunes dominating the era were abundant in rock-to-pop crossover guitar riffs with plenty of keyboard and synthesizer stingers.

One such band that incorporates theses nostalgia elements into their music is Australian duo, Client Liaison. Having formed in 2009, the group made up of Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan have since released an EP in 2014 and a full studio album in November of 2017 last year.

Characterized as electronic indie pop, the two Aussies are a force to be reckoned with. Not only does their music embody the 1980’s, their look and image is also a throwback to the time period. This symbiotic relationship of their music and personal brand is quite impressive, as they do not shy away from the association with the past, rather, contrarily, fully embrace their passé association.

Client Liaison are not afraid to go along with the gimmicky 1980’s facade that has been associated with them. Most of the common criticism of the band is that they are recycling old 80’s fashion and sound, however, as opposed to rebuffing the snarky observations, they have taken this and fueled it into their creative image. Their music videos have the slight tinge of irony embedded in them, in a way signifying that they are well aware of how they are presenting themselves as a blast from the past and that they couldn’t care less.

Notable songs that stood out include “World of Our Love”, “Pretty Lovers”, “A Foreign Affair”, “Hotel Stay” and last but not least “Where Do We Belong”. In addition to their music, they also offer a limited clothing line at Urban Outfitters, further demonstrating their wide array of projects.

Currently, it looks as if the duo are headed to the U.K., notably Heaven the nightclub this coming March, so make sure to stay posted on these nostalgia Aussies.

Written by Devon Potter

As part of LGBT History Month, the UWL LGBTQ+ Society is hosting a number of events over the next week, starting with a pub quiz takeover ...

As part of LGBT History Month, the UWL LGBTQ+ Society is hosting a number of events over the next week, starting with a pub quiz takeover in Freddies on Tuesday 20th and featuring a range of events from a debate night to a West 5 night. A full list of events can be found HERE.

In collaboration with this, The MNGR team have put together a list of our favourite LGBTQ+ artists and created a playlist for your listening pleasure.

Hayley Kiyoko
Originally known for her role as Velma in the 2009 and 2010 Scooby-Doo films, and for playing Stella in Lemonade Mouth, Hayley Kiyoko has recently revealed a more mature side to herself in the release of a number of successful singles in the past year. The 26-year-old speaks openly about her sexuality on stage and off and the self-directed video for Feelings shows Hayley's twist on a classic music video storyline seen in Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel. Kiyoko strives to bring about the representation of female relationships that she always dreamed of seeing and has gained a committed following in doing so. 

Troye Sivan Troye emerged into music following the growing success of his YouTube channel. His 2013 Coming Out video amassed over 7.5 Million views and he has since used his music videos as a means to express his sexuality and tell stories of his experiences with it. Sivan does not hold back when it comes to his queer identity and the once shy Aussie can now be regularly seen dancing freely on stage and late night TV, bleached hair and painted nails included.

Gavin Russom of LCD Soundsystem
Best known for her role as synth player and resident technician in LCD Soundsystem, Gavin Russom announced her transition in 2017 after taking a year for some self-care, finding solace in New York's large community of trans women. Gavin, who also performs as Black Meteoric Star is an established acid-house and techno DJ and is well recognised in the electronic music industry as a synth engineer, creating custom analogue synthesisers.

Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton
Brockhampton label themselves as 'the internet's first boyband' and Kevin Abstract's impressive Twitter following and collection of viral tweets assures us there is truth behind that statement. Officially known as Ian Simpson, his raps regularly feature lyrics about being gay and his struggles with his mother's homophobia.

Youtuber and musician Dodie Clarke speaks (and sings) candidly about her bisexuality. She is part of the large LGBTQ+ community on YouTube and uses her platform to discuss factors surrounded this part of her identity. She tours regularly and even has LCM alumni as part of her team.

Three piece girlband Muna recently toured with Harry Styles but their music and lyrics make them worth remembering on their own. Their empowering lyrics on injustice and controversial subjects pair with uplifting synth-pop to create memorable hits.

Californian native Kehlani originally aspired to be a dancer, training in ballet and modern dance, however a knee injury lead her to focus on her singing. She has since collaborated with Chance The Rapper and was featured of the soundtrack to DC’s Suicide Squad. She has openly discussed her relationships with both boys and girls and the confusion surrounding the way bisexuality is spoken about.
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane speaks frequently of her bisexuality and is famous for being outspoken on such matters. She released ‘Strangers’ with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, another artist who is well known for speaking about her bisexuality.

Syd of The Internet and Odd Future
‘Syd the Kyd’ has been known under a number of moniker’s during her career from her past membership of Odd Future to her solo music. She has received backlash from the LGBT community in the past due to the nature of the hip-hop collectives lyrics and her apparent misogyny, despite her introverted nature. However, with more recent moves, she hopes to leave this controversy behind.
Frank Ocean
This former Odd Future member was the second to come out, following Syd. Frank Ocean famously came out via a letter posted to his Tumblr page. Though lyrically, his sexuality isn’t frequently discussed, Frank Ocean has played a big role in the redefinition of what it’s like to be a queer, black male.
Check out the full playlist, featuring these artists and more, on our Spotify below.